Where a Man Belongs

A famous cigarette billboard pictures a curly-headed, bronze-faced, muscular macho with a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth.  The sign says, “Where a man belongs.”  That is a lie.  Where a man belongs is at the bedside of his children, leading in devotion and prayer.  Where a man belongs is leading his family to the house of God.  Where a man belongs is up early and alone with God seeking vision and direction for the family.

 John Piper
Desiring God, 1996, p. 185,


About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

One Response to Where a Man Belongs

  1. Brian says:

    Amen! A real man that knows what he is dealing with, he realizes what he is fighting for and against whom he is at war but also who is in the yolk with him and fights for him. A real man knows that he wrestles not against flesh and blood. A real man fights for his family.

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