2012 T4G The Underestimated Gospel – Preview Clips

The Power of the Gospel & the Pitfalls of Suffering & Success – John Piper

The Power of the Gospel and Marriage – John Piper

How is the gospel underestimated today? – Matt Chandler / Mark Dever

How do we underestimate the gospel today? – David Platt & Ligon Duncan

Danger Danger Lone Ranger – Al Mohler

Why CJ Mahaney Participates in T4G?


About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

4 Responses to 2012 T4G The Underestimated Gospel – Preview Clips

  1. Brian says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Steve240 says:

    Have your heard what is going on with C.J. Mahaney? He stepped down from leadership within SGM do to a number items. One was Mahaney blackmailing Larry Tomczak the cofounder of what is now called SGM. It was also pointed out in “leaked” documents that Mahaney didn’t practice a lot of what he taught an imposed on others.


  3. JCF says:


    Thanks for your comment. I am aware of CJ’s drama. I have read some of Brent’s emails posted online. I am grief by the whole situation. We are all blood bought sinners and we should handle differences gracefully. I do not know CJ personally. The closest I got to CJ was a hello and a picture together and I have read his books. Sounds like Brent and so many others were hurt through CJ’s ministry. I cannot judge a man’s heart, we know that we are still in need of God’s grace everyday. I pray and hope that grace and forgiveness is extended on both sides. Reconcialition is a must for those who are in Christ.

  4. Steve240 says:


    The saddest thing with the CJ “drama” (as you call it) is Mahaney’s has been Mahaney’s response. Rather than admit his sin and hypocrisy and evaluate his actions and his heart Mahaney has chosen to go back to preaching a few months after these documents became public.

    Had it been another Sovereign Grace Ministries pastor committing actions like Mahaney did you can be sure that Mahaney wouldn’t have allowed it if ever considered letting this other pastor preach or be a leader.

    Mahaney now clearly isn’t practicing what he required of other leaders just like the documents showed Mahaney has done in the past.

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