Overwhelmed by Life, Overwhelmed with Jesus

HT: The Gospel Coalition – Ben Thompson

Ministry is challenging. But on top of this heavy responsibility family adds emotional, spiritual, and physical demands. The need to care for an adult parent, the concern over a rebellious child, or the duty to address a pile of mounting medical bills falls upon us all. Not every day off provides the opportunity to read the paper, play catch in the yard, or reconnect with your spouse.

Therefore, we also need times of refreshing; opportunities to hear the Word preached by another, to sing without knowing what is planned for the remainder of the service, and to experience support from the universal body of Christ. We are not called to simply point others to the deep well of the gospel; we too must drink from it.

When confronted with personal and family challenges, we will not find comfort in degrees earned or ministries started but in God and God alone. And so we do well to seek times of refreshing in him, not in preparation for anything, rather in humble devotion as children of the King.

BUT WHAT I WANT TO TELL YOU IS THAT JESUS IS GLORIOUS. I know people are jaded with church. I know that Christianity often resembles very little the One they follow. I know that the world is broken. But Jesus is the remedy. I am in love with Christ. He is where all my fountains come from. He is water in desert lands. He is more than enough, more than able, more than I could ask or imagine. He is rescuer, redeemer, restorer. He isn’t part of a children’s story. He’s not my homeboy. He’s my king. The King of kings. He is alive, not dead. He is at work, not idle. He is speaking, not silent. And I am desperate for everything in me to be submitted to everything in him. I want no other message to be on my lips than him. He is faithful. I want to raise this child Shaina is carrying in such a way that they know nothing of how devoted I am but instead how glorious he is. I want his fame on me. I want my boast to be him alone. I want my fervor to be him alone. I want him to increase and me to decrease. That’s what I want to tell you. You will never find life that is sustaining and will echo past your grave apart from him.


About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

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