Purpose of a Church

The purpose of the church is doxological not seteriological. The purpose of the church of Jesus Christ is not to reach people, or feed the poor or any of those important “by-products.” The purpose of the church is to elevate and honor God’s great Son in the minds and hearts of those who gather in His name. PERIOD. – James MacDonald


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A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

7 Responses to Purpose of a Church

  1. Nice. Great quote and great reminder. Thanks.

  2. Keith Joseph says:

    I totally agree. The outworking of such a life will be the feeding of the poor, the reaching of lost souls because the light within us (Lk 8:16-17) will be so bright because we are living for the glory of the Lord.

  3. darcydowning says:

    When the stones are all “thrown down” will we finally see that we are the church?

  4. Pastor Dale says:

    Good food for thought. Thanks for all that you post on the blog. What a great resource!

  5. JF says:

    Many churches today show a great zeal for social programs and justice in this world, they forget their first love (Rev 2:4). Jesus spoke so clearly against the churches in Asia Minor: Ehesus, …you have abandoned the love you had at first; Pergamum, … you have held the preaching and teaching of Balaam, Thyatira, ….you have tolerated Jezebilism (adultery), Sardis… you look alive, but you are dead. Many churches smell like a morgue rather than a church. God never asked us to be a good church but to be a true church! The primary task of a shepherd is to preach Christ and to shepherd his flock to love and to elevate and honor God’s great Son. We are not saved by works but by grace. When God’s person is fully satisfied in God, then it will overflows with works.

  6. marc mullins says:

    We throw terms around loosely. We must begin to think rigorously about what scripture commands the church (as organization/institution) to do/be and what the believers who make up the church do/be.

  7. Brian says:

    Let your Kingdom come.

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