All About Church Membership – Holding the body together

Church membership is crucial to the health of a church. If the church purpose is to magnify Christ, we must take church membership seriously. To better informed on church membership we have to understand what a church is according to God’s word. Here are a few articles on the importants of church membership. Praying that it will be edifying to you. 
The fact is, new attenders shouldn’t be serving the church in any official ways, from serving coffee to volunteering with childcare.  This isn’t because we’re mean or unwelcoming. It’s because we believe the most important question that should confront a new person attending any church is this: Where do you stand with God? … more
Christ has authorized the congregation and its leaders to act with authority in our lives. That’s not a popular idea among Westerners, but this is the skeleton which keeps the body, otherwise healthy, from slouching to the floor. It’s the bowl which keeps the soup from spilling everywhere. Looking across the evangelical landscape, do you know what I see? A lot of splattered soup. Oh, it’s tasty soup, but it has nothing to contain it and the dogs have been licking it up for years. .. Read more
3. Is Church Membership Biblical? – Matt Chandler
It has been my sad experience that very few churches still practice church discipline, but that’s another article for another day. My question out of this text is simple: How can you kick someone “out” if there isn’t an “in”? If there is no local commitment to a covenant community of faith, then how do you remove someone from that community of faith? Church discipline won’t work if local church membership doesn’t exist… read more 

What do Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have in common? If you answer, “All four have been members of Southern Baptist churches,” you move to the head of the class. These four individuals are found in the branch of Christianity that also includes Al Mohler, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Bowden, and Billy Graham, among others. Our Southern Baptist churches include their share of prominent personalities. Some bring honor to our denomination. Others bring dishonor… read more

5. Cleaning Up the Rolls – Matt Schmucker

Though I hear stories from church leaders around the country almost every day, I was still stunned by the following email from a faithful deacon in a Baptist church:

 “I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you regarding cleaning up the church roll. I began compiling a list of widows from our membership database yesterday and found that of the 141 total widows in our database, 38 were deceased and 4 had transferred membership to other churches (not counting the ones who are classified as “Inactive” or “Non-Resident Members).”

You can just imagine how the late-night talk show hosts would poke fun at this: “Did you hear about the thirty-eight dead members of Faith Alive Baptist Church? Talk about the need to change the church’s name!” This might be funny if it did not characterize churches around our nation and others… read more

6. Resources on Membership 

If you’re looking for some more practical resources on church membership, here are a few suggestions. Membership Resources


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