2011 National Conference Messages

Unable to attend or watch the live stream of the 2011 National Conference this past weekend? You can now watch the streaming files or purchase the downloads on Ligonier.org

Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, and R.C. Sproul Jr. led the main sessions while Tim Challies and Susan Hunt added additional content through the optional sessions (available as free downloads). Session titles included:

Forty Years of Proclaiming God’s Holiness interview with R.C. Sproul & Chris Larson
War on the Word by Steven Lawson
Why the God-Man? by Sinclair Ferguson
Questions & Answers
Defending the Faith by R.C. Sproul
Almighty Over All by R.C. Sproul Jr.
Worshiping the Triune God by Steven Lawson
Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper
Clothed in Righteousness by R.C. Sproul
Ministry Reflections with John Piper & R.C. Sproul
Evangelism & Missions by John Piper
Pleasing God by Robert Godfrey
Twenty-Five Years of Desiring God by John Piper

OPTIONAL SESSIONS: Free Downloads (right click to download)

Audio | Video  Redeemed Womanhood: Generation to Generation by Susan Hunt
Audio | Video  The Next Story by Tim Challies
Audio | Video  Believing God by R.C. Sproul Jr.
Audio | Video  Pillars of Grace by Steven Lawson
Audio | Video  An Unexpected Journey by Robert Godfrey
Audio | Video  By Grace Alone by Sinclair Ferguson


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A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

One Response to 2011 National Conference Messages

  1. Brian says:

    Im ahead of the post, already watched the RC Sproul and the Steve Lawson one!

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