What’s So Important About Church Membership? – Dr Ligon Duncan

What’s so important about church membership? Why should we care about church membership, and why should any healthy local church be made up of a congregation of Christians who understand the vital importance of being united to, participating in, and being accountable to a local fellowship of believers and its shepherds? Why?

  • Church Membership is Biblical
  • Church Membership is Vital
  • Church Membership is not an Option

And I believe that’s important for us to think about from a biblical standpoint, because in our day and age there are many people, many Christians, many Christian leaders, many pastors who are saying that if the church is going to be effective in reaching the world, then the church has to change. And they’ve gone on to say ‘And the way the church has to change is this: the church has either got to change its message so that its message is more appealing to the culture, or the church has to change its methods so that its methods are more effective in reaching the culture. And as the church changes its message or its methods, it needs to look to the culture to determine how the message and the methods are changed in order to be more effective in reaching the culture.’

Because many, many wonderful Christians do not appreciate the importance of church membership to Christian discipleship. Many, especially American Christians, view church membership as incidental to their Christianity. Church membership is vital and biblical, and it is not optional. And what I want to do is, I want to go to the word of God to prove that point today. Read the entire sermon here: Listen to the sermon here

J. Ligon Duncan, “What’s So Important About Church Membership”, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS. March 11, 2007


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