What's Wrong with Search Committee? – Mark Dever

The following two articles are informative to a local church that strives to become a Biblical church. Striving to become  a Biblical church is a challenge, especially in America. Believe in inerrancy of Scriptures, require us to submit to Scriptures because Scriptures trump our feelings. Let’s honor God by how we manage his church.


Some very godly folks serve today in such committees around the country, and even around the world, giving freely of their time to help their congregation find a new pastor. The decision is a momentous one for the sake of their church, and therefore, those on the committee give their time prayerfully and with a sense of a being given a sacred privilege. Thank you to those who have approached this task lovingly and dutifully!

But here’s the problem: if churches were healthier, we’d never need to call together such a committee.  Continue reading here


As I mentioned in the previous article “What’s Wrong with Search Committees?,” a pastor should feel a strong obligation to help find his successor before he goes. What shepherd waves good bye to his sheep, wishes them luck, and skips off to greener pastures?!

Sometimes the Lord calls shepherds away precipitously, as when a man dies. Generally speaking, however, a shepherd shouldn’t assume his charge is complete until he does everything within his power to secure a worthy successor. Does he love the sheep or doesn’t he? Continue reading here


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