What is the Gospel? Part 5


As you have read through this booklet or perhaps studied it with a group, you have been confronted with the Bible’s teaching on salvation. You have seen Who God is and how His character is evident in everything He says, or does, or demands. You have seen the problem of man’s sinfulness and his hopelessness to save himself.

Because of man’s sin, he stands condemned by the law and he faces a destiny with the wrath of Holy God. But the good news is that you have seen that God has come to man through Jesus Christ! In His coming to earth, Jesus had one primary mission, to bear our sins on the cross and face the wrath of God in our place. But it is only when we repent by renouncing our self and sin, trust in Christ alone, and receive Him as Savior and Lord that we can know His saving life. Trust Jesus Christ as your Prophet who has spoken His saving word to you. Trust Him as your Priest who has mediated before God in your behalf by His atoning death on the cross. Trust Him as your King who now reigns over you.

The Bible declares, He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life (I John 5:12). Have you trusted Jesus Christ alone for your salvation? Do you have THE LIFE which only comes in knowing Christ through faith?

If this is not settled in your life, seek the Lord ,Who alone can save you. As a sinner who cannot save himself, cast yourself upon His mercy. Discover that He is full of mercy and grace. Admit to God your sinfulness and desperation for His forgiveness. Repent of your sins and turn to God. Trust Him to save you for eternity through the blood of Christ. Depend upon what God has declared in His Word and the witness of the Holy Spirit in your life as your assurance of being right before God.

If you have put your faith in Christ, now declare your faith publicly before men through baptism. Unite with a church which preaches and teaches God’s Word. Daily seek the Lord through His Word, beginning with John’s Gospel, then reading Romans, I John, and Galatians. Bring your thanks, praises, and needs before your Heavenly Father in prayer. Seek to tell others about Jesus Christ and His power to save. By God’s grace, seek to walk daily in obedience to the Lord. Trust Him for strength and power to obey.

If you are already a true believer, then rejoice in the grace of God given to you in Christ! Use this booklet as a study tool for understanding in greater fashion the work of Christ on your behalf Seek to declare the good news of Jesus Christ with others. May the Lord give you power to bring glory to His great Name!

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About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

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