Explore – Time with God – $1.00

Your introduction to a regular time with God.

You may never have discovered how a regular ‘quiet time’ can help you grow and mature as a Christian. This short guide will help you get started. With daily readings, prompts and advise, it will encourage you to get established in a routine of engaging with God, and to discover the joy and liberty that comes from knowing Him. Join with the thousands of Christians around the globe who use Explore to help them read the Bible and pray every day.

Buy for yourself or for your whole congregation.
$1 (75% off) until midnight Thursday, October 14.


Only 48 hours
(Ends Thursday Oct 14th @ 11.59pm)

  Table of contents
How to spend time with God
The Sermon on the Mount
Bible Survey

Mike McKinley, Pastor and 9 Marks blogger  — ‘A trustworthy and convenient tool for helping people to dig into the Scriptures themselves.’

 – Steve Timmis, Co-author of Total Church and Director of Acts 29, Western Europe — ‘Reliable, faithful and accessible. Fantastic for anyone who wants to get started in spending regular time in God’s Word.’

 – Paul Gardner, Pastor of Christ Church, Atlanta, GA — ‘Reading the Bible daily is an integral part of growing as Christians, and these notes are practical and insightful. Many in our congregation have been greatly blessed through their daily use.’

 – Danny Jang, Pastor, Grace Church, Stamford, CT — ‘A resource like Explore needs to be highly disseminated. Sundays are not enough, we need God’s Word everyday. Explore satisfies that need.’


About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

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