Gospel Survey

Galatians 1:9  As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.

Understanding the GOSPEL is of first priority for Christians. There are many different views on the GOSPEL within the christian circles. The Bible speaks of only one GOSPEL and it is the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST. KBCLifeU will be dedicating the month of October in learning and growing you in the GOSPEL.

Thank you for taking the survey. The winner of the ESV Study Bible will be contacted personally by KBCLifeU. Here are some of the survey answers:

I believe the Gospel is what I have been taught all my life it is what I believe in. That Jesus saved me from my sins by dieing on the cross in my place. In three days he arose this I believe. Each Sunday I go to church to sit with other christians to hear the Gospel from the bible taught by Bro Keith at church.

What is the Gospel? well to me the gospel is bible/ things written about life (beginning), death (end), or things Jesus said that were meant for all to hear & learn about to praise him.

The Gospel is God’s promise through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to take the burden for our sin. Upon accepting Christ as our Savior, we are promised eternal life with God in Heaven.

The gospel is the good news of Christ.

The gospel is the “good news” about Jesus Christ. It’s the story of how Jesus took our place and paid the debt we owed for our sin. Because Jesus was perfect and took the death we deserved, our sins can be forgiven. And because God raised Him from the dead, we can have eternal life.

The greatest message and truth: Our God, whose love is beyond our comprehension, gave us his perfect son that we may be saved from his wrath.

The Gospel is the message of salvation as presented in the Bible…that humans are all by nature sinners, separated from God; that God in His mercy provides a way for us to be reconciled to Him, to obtain forgiveness of sins and salvation thru faith in Jesus; that Jesus is God incarnate, offered Himself as substitue for our sins when he was crucified, died, buried and resurrected to eternal life by the power of God. If we accept Jesus as our Lord of our life (repent of our sins and turn from trusting in ourselves or our works) and believe that His attoning death and resurrection (and that alone) is sufficient for our salvation, then we are saved. Romans 10:9 says “because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son to be born of a virgin and die on a cross for my sins and was resurrected on the third day. And if I believe in Jesus, repent of my sins and give my life to him I will have an abundant life here on earth and have eternal life in Heaven.

The Gospel: In the beginning God created man good, without sin, to be eternal and not to die, but then, early into this very good creation, something happened. In Gen 3, the fall of man occured, and because of that, we all fall short and inherit the sin of the first man Adam. Just as we inherit our parents genes from genaration to generation, we also inherit a nature of sin and we are forever sinners. We are every one broken sinful creatures and from that time up until the end of creation people are appointed to die and there is no way around it. But God had a plan. For thousands of years man tried, by Gods command, to atone for his sin sacrificaly but to no avail. But why would God continue to command man to sacrifice animals and the sin only to return? It was to point forward. You see, no amount of animal blood can atone for mans sin. The sacrifice had to be of the same nature, by that I mean a man, a man has to die not an animal, not only a man but a perfect sinless man. Therefor God sent his only son to live a perfect life, with out sin. This man was fully God and fully man, concieved of the holy spirit, carried and birthed by a virgin woman. This man, Jesus, lived on this earth, walked with sinful man and experienced all that man experienced for approx 33 years but again, with no sin, which is the only way that man’s sin could be atoned for. He displayed the power of God while he was here and was the true light. He was persecuted and killed by his own people, in love he was obediant and wanted nothing more than to please God his father, even so obediant he willfully went to the cross, suffering and then dying a great death. He was taken down from the cross and placed in a grave, secured by roman soldjers. Then three days later, just as he had said, he arose to life. Now he resides at the right hand of the father and by this gospel we may know that he is the son of God and that whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. God ordained all these events to happen to redeem a people to himself, a holy people who truly want to worship him in spirit, and all this will give him glory.

I believe it is the written work of God written by his followers.

The teaching that God saves sinners. We are sinners by nature and only through God who sent his only son to pay the ultimate sacrifice that we might be delivered from our sin and hell.

The Gospel is a gift God gave us so we could spend eternity with him.

The gospel is the truth that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ.

Good new you can be saved if you admit you are a sinner, believe Jesus died for you and commit your life to him

The Gospel is the Word of God and how we as Christians should study and apply the Word to our lives so that it miraculously changes our lifestyle to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ redeeming us by his sinless life, death on the cross, and resurrection for our salvation.

I feel like the gospel refers to the life of Jesus Christ. It lets us know and shows us what Jesus did for us. How we are to act as believers and to spread the good news.

“The Gospel” is the truth about Jesus Christ, including (1) his birth; (2) his ministry; (3) the revelation by Him of his purpose in coming to Earth (i.e., the Good News of salvation and redemption); and (4) his death, burial and resurrection.


About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

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  1. laquita williams says:

    To receive the gospel is to believe that Jesus was born to a virgin, walked and preached among men, was crucified for my sins and was raised on the third day and ascended to God the father in heaven. I am made righteous in His righteousness (right standing with God) and I am made holy (right living with God) through what Jesus did by dieing on the cross for my sins. I am justified through Christ, as if I had never sinned. For through salvation, I have lost my sin nature. If I mess up, I ask His forgiveness and get right back to holy living. The Law is for sinners to let them know that they need a savior and I should now not live by the law, but live in His righteousness, not in the condemnation of the devil. I am not now under the law of sin and death, but under the law of love. Romans 10:4 andMatt 22:36-40.

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