9Marks at Southeastern — Dever, Anyabwile, Platt, Akin and Chandler


Thomas Crane wrote:

The discipline of reading and understanding the Bible has long been an issue of frustration for many believers. Some passages in the Bible are just not easy to understand and the temptation can be to stick with reading the tried and true passages, the familiar and comfortable texts.

Yet, if believers take seriously the fact that the Creator of the universe has spoken and that the whole Bible is the Word of God, they can ignore nothing in the Bible. Biblical theology helps show believers how to read and understand the Bible. Graeme Goldsworthy, author of According to Plan says, “Biblical theology is a way of understanding the Bible as a whole, so that we can see the plan of salvation as it unfolds step by step. It is concerned with God’s message to us in the form that it actually takes in Scripture.”  Read the rest of the review ….

Session 1: Preaching from Genesis through Revelation, Mark Dever unfolds the beautiful plan of God, evident in Scripture from beginning to end.

Session 2: Preaching from Romans 9, Thabiti Anyabwile reminds us how God’s sovereign election demonstrates His glory.

Session 3: Preaching from Isaiah 6, David Platt reminds us of God’s holiness and the scandal of the Gospel.

Session 4: Preaching from Philippians 2, Danny Akin connects the suffering servant in Isaiah 45 and 53 to Paul’s teaching on the incarnation of Christ.

Session 5: Preaching from Revelation 2, Matt Chandler helps us see the danger in losing our passion for Christ, and for His body, the Church.


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