Women, Christianity, and Feminism

Carolyn McCulley discusses feminism, ministering to singles, Christian social action, and what it means to be a “crush catalyst.”. She is the author of Radical Womanhood. Listen to an interview with Carolyn McCulley by 9marks

Here is a review of her book by Kristin Jamieson.

Before I was a Christian, I was an angry feminist.

I railed against the injustices I saw in the world and wrote impassioned papers about how women needed to free ourselves from oppression, but I didn’t understand true freedom or how we obtain it.

Then, through a long series of events, the Lord graciously brought me to himself through the gospel. I understood myself to be a sinner saved by grace and I believed that the Bible is true. But other than that I wasn’t sure what to do with my now-upended feminism. I didn’t understand how the culture had influenced the paths I’d taken, and I needed to learn what the Bible had to say about my life as a woman.

Carolyn McCulley wrote Radical Womanhood for women like me. Published in 2008, it came out a few years after I became a Christian and answers all the questions I had at that crucial turning point in my life.


At its heart, Radical Womanhood is a biblical diagnosis and critique of feminism. In response to feminism’s claims about the problems women face, McCulley writes … read more


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