Prayer For Our Mission Team

Prayer for Mission (July 18th – July 28th)

Christians engaged in mission are working in the front line of Christian ministry. Whether they are working in the western world, or with communities which are largely unreached by the Christian gospel, there are many demands upon missionaries.    Please pray for ….

  • Their walk of faith. For those in mission to be effective, it is vital that their personal relationship with God is right, and that they are growing as a Christian themselves.
  • Their family life. Whilst responding to an individual call is challenging enough, taking your family with you brings many additional challenges. Leaving them behind simply creates challenges of a different sort.  Do pray for God’s protection on the family, and for His wisdom in the decisions that they must take.
  • The places they are working, praying that the missionaries will “fit”. Adjusting to different cultures and climates takes time, and many missionaries find making the adjustment very challenging.
  • Protection from Satan’s attacks. There are a number of areas where the work of mission is challenged by Satan. Do pray for God’s protection on their family life, on their team-working with other missionaries, on their relationships with key local people and authorities.
  • Praise for their Ministry : Thank God for their faith and commitment, and do praise Him for news of their work bearing fruit.

Salyersville, Kentucky Team

Carol Hodge * Stephanie Vittitoe * Mark and Savannah Hale * Caleb * Denny, Linda adn Anderson Bond * Leesa and Abigail Foster * Susie and Cassidy Grom * Rebecca Chrisman and Zack Phillips * Renne Fields * Kayleee Wyatt * Kaleb Flener * Rebecca Adams * John Hedberg

Romanian Team

Pastor Keith Joseph * Beth Joseph * David Butterworth * Joey Grom * Cori Beth Hale * Alison Pulliam * John and Kim Pulliam * Cathy Bond * John Harlan * Valerie Bates * Rich and Amy Barnett


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