The Process Of Discernment

 I will use the process of discerning by Tim Challies (The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment) . I pray and hope through this process I will mature in my walk with God and able to use this as a tool for leading others in their spiritual walk. 

Here is the process of discernment:

Action 1: Verify (Write down a statement you would like to verify in the Bible)

Action 2: Clarify (Write down your understanding of the issue at hand)

Action 3: Assess The Issue (Write down the issue may be at stake. Determine how important the issue is.

Action 4: Pray (Admit your dependence on God in all matters of discernment and understanding of Scripture

Action 5: Access your instinct (Write down your first instinct about the topic and why you feel this way.

Action 6: Access your conscience (Write down what your conscience is telling you)

Action 7: Search Scriptures (Search the Bible for relevant passages and make a list of them)

Action 8: Observe the Scriptures (Observe each passage and make a list of them)

Action 9: compare and contrast (If a certain passage of Scripture seems unclear, compare or contrast it to another passage of Scripture.

Action 10: Research (Turn in your Bible reference tools to see what others have said)

Action 11: Summarize (For each passage, write a sentence or two summarizing what it says)

Action 12: Expand your research (Search books, articles, sermons, and resources by other discerning Christians)

Action 13: Conclude (Write your conclusion about the issue at hand)

Action 14: Make a list (Write down list of points on which the true and false teaching)

Action 15: Judge (Jot down the point at which false teaching departs from the truth)

Action 16: Held Fast (If a doctrine or action was shown to be unbiblical, write down what it is that you will abstain from)

Action 17: Apply (If a doctrine or an action is shown to be biblical, write down what you will do and what truths of Scripture you will hold fast to.


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A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

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