Great Commission Resurgence

The Great Commission has generated much discussion this year at the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) in Orlando. This is an historical moment for Southern Baptist. Here is the promo video for the GCR.

What is the Great Commission Resurgence?

“On April 16, 2009, in a chapel service at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Danny Akin delivered a message entitled “Axioms of a Great Commission Resurgence.” It is important to note the address was not produced in a vacuum. The content of the sermon received input and affirmation from SBC leaders like Johnny Hunt, James Merritt, Al Mohler and Thom Rainer. It was something of a response to a ground swell of hopes and concerns being echoed throughout the churches of our Convention.

Building on the momentum generated by the message, the President of our Convention, Dr. Johnny Hunt, worked with Dr. Akin and others in drafting what became “The GCR Declaration.” There was an immediate and overwhelming response to Dr. Hunt’s call for a renewed focus on the Great Commission as embodied in the Declaration. Persons were invited to sign on pledging their support to this movement. Today more than 4,350 Southern Baptists have signed the Declaration.”

Educate yourself on the GCR.


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