We Don't Have Much Time!

I read a tweet just a few days ago from @mattchandler74: “going to see a friend downtown.. He’s in home hospice and doesn’t have long. You and I don’t either”  It is so true, we don’t have much time. It burdens me why I am not sharing Christ as much as I should. I see lost people every day! I pray that God will work in us, especially in me a burden for the lost. Tim Challies wrote a great blogpost on this subject and I encourages you to read it.

I Failed Him — Tim Challies

“One of the unexpected blessings of writing this blog is that it sets in stone things that that have happened in the past or even just things I’ve been thinking about months or years before. I use the blog, in some ways, as a record of spiritual development. I return quite often to articles I’ve written in the past to challenge myself anew or to recount God’s grace in my life. Sometimes I just flip through the archives over a period of time and I am reminded what was happening then, what I was thinking then, how I was growing.

Several years ago now, a friend of mine who was a former co-worker and manager, succumbed to leukemia. It had actually been a few years since Mike and I had worked together and we had seen each other only occasionally since the company we had both worked for had shut down. I found out about the leukemia through his wife who included me in the updates she would send out every week or two in order to keep friends and family updated on his condition. I read these with increasing delight as he began to show positive signs of recovery, and with horror as the disease rallied and began to destroy him. I went to his home once to fix his wife’s’ computer. Mike was in the hospital at that time and his wife was nearly overwhelmed. “You know God, right? Tim, you’ve got to pray for us!” she cried out at one point. And of course I did. … continue reading


About John
A follower of Christ and sinner who needs his grace everyday.

One Response to We Don't Have Much Time!

  1. Brian says:

    Great post. I feel angry at my lack of Boldness and wonder at what point I will be more bold? I pray that God will continue working in my life, and I have confidence he will because he tells us he will continue the good work he started until it is complete, I still need to do my part and stop fearing man more than God !!

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